Someone should have reminded me..

1 02 2011

I once read that there are layers to each and everyone of us. Ourselves, our real selves, our true beings, are like diamonds. As we grow up and live our lives they get covered in a lot of shit.

Some of it our own and we put it there ourselves, others are the experiences we’ve had, and more to the point and this is where most of mine comes from, is the shit other people lead us to believe.

But thats not just it, as we cover up the shit with a protective coating of our favorite nail varnish to try and make ourselves more attractive to others. However if we actually spent the time dealing with the shit we carry then we wouldn’t need nail varnish. We would not need to fake it any longer as there would be no shit for the the varnish to cover up, then people can see us for who we really are, the diamonds beneath it all.

If only it was that easy!

I am longing for a lust-full loving relationship in my life. Like an old romantic, that I don’t disclose to many as this steals my manly image I like to try and portray!! I just wish for a tall dark handsome gentleman to sweep me off my feet with passion, charm, wit, power, charisma, knowledge, and not just any gentleman a pure stallion of man!!

I want a man I can be domesticated for, cook, clean, iron and be his domestic goddess!! I don’t ask for much in return just love, commitment and a healthy sex life!

Sounds like it’s ready for the dating column in the paper!! Actually come to think of it I know a couple who have been married for years who met that way. And both my parent’s have met their partners using dating websites too! OMG this can’t be the only way to bag a gentleman can it??!

I guess most of all I just want what every female wants; to love and be loved in return. As Audrey Hepburn once said ‘I have an enormous need for affection and a terrible need to give it’.

I would love to be treated like a lady, wined and dined, spontaneous well thought out gifts and surprises, I would love to be shown off on his arm and everyone knowing I’m his and he is mine, I want to flirt constantly, go on trips together; days out and mini-breaks, cuddle up and watch Rossi win the Moto GP again this year, I would like to share our interests hobbies and life together every step of the way.

I’d love to see the sparkle in our eyes as they meet. But let’s face it life is not a movie, nor is it a book like pride and prejudice, its infact a rather cruel world. We are all led by these films and books to believe this kind of ‘love’ is real only so that jerks can let us down and mess us around. Then our friends will feed us the standard ice-cream wine and chocolate and say I know a film that will cheer you up and yet again its a film about a guy who was a jerk to girl but turned out they ended up getting married and living happily ever after. So in turn you let him carry on messing you around.

Actually scrap that I feel sorry for all those men who are expected to conform to this ‘ideal dream’ we are all made to think happens everyday.

Well I intend on keeping this dream one day I might be surprised and it comes true, until that day arrives I plan to do my utter most best in living and surviving the best single girl lifestyle I can. This is an important thing to do so if and when this dream does come true I will have no regrets of ‘When I was single I should have…’




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