Interviewed by Alex

28 02 2011

I have said I am open to interviews and other things too. It was lovely to see that one of my blog readers ‘Alex’ had sent me a rather short and sweet interview. It was lovely to answer his questions and I hope you all enjoy reading it.

A: Why do you blog?

T: I blog as a way to get thoughts and feelings I have out of my head if I’m honest! Also I like to share things with people as my friends would agree I am a very open person. I was thinking of starting a diary/journal but when I thought about it, it felt like a waste as no one else would be able to enjoy it. This way with blogging I can share my experiences, thoughts, and feelings with everybody get feedback and have much more fun with it.

A: What kind of person are you?

T: This is a tough question for me. I like to think I am still finding out, and this blog should really in time help me answer this question for you. But I do like to think I am easy going, caring, fun to be around I guess, gosh the more I think about this the harder it is for me to answer. Yeah I guess in time this blog will be able to show you what kind of person I am so stay tuned!

A: What are your life goals?

T: Life goals, good question. For years and years it has been to be happy. However I’m starting to feel that no matter where you are or what you are doing in life you will never be truly happy as there is always something there higher for you to aim for. I am currently considering going back to college next year I am just spending some time looking into the financial side of things. After going back to college (re-training in hairdressing) I would like to learn to drive again, from then on the world shall be my oyster! I am not much of a long term planner however like most girls one day I’d love to settle down have kids blah blah!!

A: Who would you most like to meet?

Hmm… well obviously ‘Jim Morrison’ he was a brilliant writer and musician. I really enjoy reading his poetry and singing and dancing away to his music. My favourite poetry book is the two combined; The Lords and The New Creatures. I really love his writing style. It’s such a shame he died at such an early age in his life I really feel as if he would have had so much more to offer us. Among the living I’d most like to meet Valentino Rossi, I honestly think the world of him and would most of all love to be a pillion on his bike. I really admire him as a person and a rider.

A: If you had to choose just one quote to describe you what would it be and why?

‘Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door.’

I am as many people like to describe it as cold hearted, decisive, I make my mind up and I stick to it. I’m quite blunt about it too! If something doesn’t work I don’t try and make it I give up and move on. I have a bit of a some will some won’t who cares attitude. Life’s too short to stall about trying to make something that’s not. I think this quote just sums it up for me. I cut the ties and I move on.

I hope you enjoyed the interview. Feel free to submit more!




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