Fresh Start’s and New Direction’s

29 06 2011

So as you all have been noticing and messaging me I haven’t updated my blog for quite sometime now…

I have decided to concentrate on moving home and starting my new job on the 18th July. I will be keeping you posted on my habits and shenanigans, just much less often. I have cleared out my page and decided to start again new beginnings and all!

So I have decided to take my blog in a new direction. I have removed all previous postings as you may have noticed! I think I am going to use this blog as what it was originally intended for… to get my thoughts out of my head. Last time I got a little carried away and was using it like an online diary, I wasn’t brutally honest either!

This time I intend on being 100% honest with you all as you know as well as I do that I am no saint, I am messed up, and I need help along the way too. Your going to get gorey details, brutal honesty, twisted thoughts, nonsensical dribble, and a chunk of my mind on a plate! This may work, it may not. But I have listened to what your telling me, and I’m ready to give you what you want! I have been told after this post I am to repost previous scribblings and other rambles. . . enjoy! x

To those who have been chasing me, thank you for all of your emails, yes I am still alive! I hope each of you enjoyed reading your responses. And stay in touch it’s nice to know who reads this!




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