My near death experience .. well closest I’ve had!! (so far!)

9 07 2011

Today mother nature abused me in many many ways. . .

So went off to the beach lush hot sun and as we approach the store to buy picnic munchies it’s starts spitting then whilst we were inside the rain got heavier. With some strong positive thinking I wished for it to clear and not come back.

My wish was granted and so it was! Down at the beach the waves looked choppy and rough. I felt my body fill with an almighty rush of excitement fear and passion. I yearned to feel natures power and after deliberation it wasn’t long before I took the plunge into natures north sea.

Stood in the shallow part where the water barely hit my midriff I looked back inland to my two friends watching on as my other friend swam against the tide further out of his depth. When crash natures wave hit me over my head and pushed me down submurging me into her ice cold watery bossom.

All I could think was don’t breathe in whilst she pulled my lifeless body back and up into the next wave. I had lost control my life was in her hands I rode her tide and I felt overcome with submission.

My adrenaline was pumped and still not having any air I held my breath tightly as the third wave came. My lungs were aching.

Finally there was a break, my legs were like jelly. Falling to my knees i realised I had lost all ability to control my body. I inhaled sharply and deeply and tried again as doing so a smaller wave sent me crashing onto my knees leaving me to crawl inland.

At last I was safe. I looked straight back into the water for my friend who was quite merrily bobbing around in the waves! I looked up and saw my other two friends laughing! Infact I had to laugh too.

My whole body shook with adrenalin it felt so amazing I just wanted to do it again. I felt as if nature had took me and washed me clean of all my sins. Then she valued me enough to send me back. I felt at one.

… … …

So I started that yesterday and I am here today finishing it.

This evening has been awesome been at my mates house and my friend was streaming the party live online. At first I felt really uneasy about lifestreaming now I think it’s pretty awesome so I came home from the party and decided to make my own one check me out! I’m like streaming live whilst writing this! Wow 16 viewers and I’m in bed on my laptop typing out my blog a couple of people are talking to me so I shall leave you with this . . . sorry x




2 responses

9 07 2011

You never mentioned you acquired a new nickname last night! 😦

-Posh Spice!

11 07 2011

the post was very descriptive, felt as if i was there observing the incident and swept up in the waves rushing at my feet. Good piece.

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