I’m still around..

1 10 2011

It’s been a few months due to moving home and starting a new job but I am back!! 🙂

So yeah new job which is going well, haven’t been in all week and won’t be back until after next week either! Been signed off by my doctor due to an abscess on my tooth! Fun as it may sound but with my immune deficiency it really is not. Sad to say after a week of pissing about with dentists they then decide to refer me to my specialist doctors as they had given me all the treatment they could for it but nothing was working. So I went to Addenbrookes Hospital on Friday saw my Immunologist who got me in to see a Maxillofacial Surgeon who are willing to extract the tooth for me however cannot commit to a certain time yet and said it should happen in the next two weeks! But with all this time off work it’s proving to me just how much I enjoy this new job and the people I work with who are now my friends, as I’m missing both very much!

Now I have moved home too! Moved out of the two bed house I had in Felixstowe to a little but surprisingly spacious one bed flat overlooking Ipswich Marina/Waterfront. Oh it is just to die for, I have easily managed to waste plenty of hours just sat on my balcony! Still havent fully unpacked and I moved in back in August!

What else to update on; well there is too much really it has all been going on in the last few months, and that is no word of a lie. Eventually the events will unfold! This is just a quick update for now!




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