Festive Season

3 12 2011

So the best things about december as follows are; advent calendars, exchanging presents and counting down to a new year.

The worst things about december are; decorations, xmas adverts, xmas songs, getting hand ache from writing cards, idiots on the high street getting in the way, mass queues for the bar, being trapped and wrapped in sellotape and wrapping paper, eating and drinking so much you think your ill, it’s cold, carol singers who knock on your door just the moment when your about to do something and force you to stand and listen to them whilst all the heat in your house leaves the front door, its wet, and it will most likely be close to sleet, hail or snow at some point.


No seriously I do! Call me Scrooge but personally I think I’m not! This year I will not be writing ANY cards and presents will only be given to my nearest and dearest. I’m fed up of buying into such a corporate charade. I am not religious hence why I do not want to celebrate Christmas for its religious and spiritual meanings, and I am not being told by big companies when and how and what to spend my money on to prove to someone I love them!! I don’t need Christmas to tell my mates they are awesome and I love them or to show my family I care. It’s spontaneous gifts and gestures I do throughout the year that matter not if I got them a crimbo card or a gift!

Please do not talk to me about Christmas, I plan to spend my day on my own at my flat without my family. I plan to cook myself a lovely roast dinner and have a few drinks. As always there will be an open door policy for my friends to pop in and out if they want to. But this is my plan for Christmas.

Bring on the New Year, really?!??!! Why celebrate another year in this state of society even the government break all their resolutions! Yes I’m grumpy and no this is not a sign that I’m getting older I’m 22!

Happy Festive Season Everyone!!




One response

17 03 2018

I agree with you, i only spent money on my girlfriend last year and avoided the shops.

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