Inside the Actors Studio

17 02 2011

I have said I am open to suggestions and more!┬áSo my friends just asked me to add this short questionnaire from ‘Inside the Actors Studio’ to my blog ten short questions ten short quick and honest responses, enjoy!

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Someone should have reminded me..

1 02 2011

I once read that there are layers to each and everyone of us. Ourselves, our real selves, our true beings, are like diamonds. As we grow up and live our lives they get covered in a lot of shit.

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The Stud

1 02 2011
She cannot believe how egocentric you can be, you have no will to even think for just a moment about how your effecting others sanity. 

This morbid nightmare of which you have turned her life, not even allowing her to have any introspection as for what lies in wait there is a tangle you have made.

Unaware of feelings thoughts and consciousness trapped in the void of limbo you have pushed her into.

Drowning into a matted disheveled state of mind for which you hold no guilt or responsibility for, as no, not nothing could be caused by you, for you, you are untouchable.

The Liaison of Hostilities

1 02 2011

The lasciviousness of your nature is hard to resist,
Being frank it is the arrogance that entices me,
Your naivete excites me,
There is no room for sophistication to tarnish something so uncultivated.

A trance? A haze? An hallucination?
Phantasmagoria is what you are along with the stars and cosmos,
Nothing at all.

Established I am,
May still be unsophisticated,
But unsophisticated full of inculcation of life,
Rapturous am I, who hunts for abundance to bring euphoria,
Just like an addict.

My Viking

1 02 2011
I succumb to the slightest whisper of my name, like a dog obeying it’s masters call. I quiver at your touch, and my body aches with surrender to your call. 

I feel you as though your pulsating through my veins with each heartbeat. It is you that makes me feel complete.

It’s like a magic spell has me bound to submission. With each breath my love for you strengthens.

You are brave, tall, strong and handsome. You are dominating, assertive and full of wisdom. You love, care and protect. You are just simply perfect.

For this love is more than a passionate mystical bonding it’s about the trust and belief I have in my Viking!